Enabling Storage Spaces Direct in Virtual Machines

I’m currently testing Storage Spaces Direct in Windows Server 2016 TP5 with VM’s. Enabling S2D is a lot easier thanks to the cmdlet:


However, when you’re using VM’s, the MediaType of the disks is not exposed, so you’ll get an error, something like:
EnableClusterStorageSpacesDirect : Disk eligibility failed At line:1 char:1. CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation(MSCluster_StorageSpacesDirect:root/MSCLUSTER/…ageSpacesDirect)

Using these commands solves the problem:

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Enable Hyper-V Nested VM’s in Windows Server 2016

I’m currently building a Windows Server 2016 TP4 Scale-out File Server cluster, based on VM’s. This is not ideal, but with a fast CPU and a bunch of SSD’s you can get it up & running pretty easy.

However, installing the Hyper-V role inside a VM (nested) is not supported, but you can enable it on the host with the following script:

Invoke-WebRequest https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Microsoft/Virtualization-Documentation/master/hyperv-tools/Nested/Enable-NestedVm.ps1 -OutFile ~/Enable-NestedVm.ps1
~/Enable-NestedVm.ps1 -VmName <VmName>

Just open PowerShell as Administrator and run the script while changing the <vmname> accordingly. It even works on my Windows 10 1511 workstation. 🙂